At the Y, we believe leadership is a skill that can be learned and is essential for success in life. We understand that developing and practicing these skills is necessary for teens to recognize their full potential.

The Attleboro Y’s Summer Leadership Programs places teens in supportive group settings where they can practice leading peers and develop essential leadership tools. Progressing through this three-year program, our Leadership Campers participate in seminars, workshops, games, and tasks that develop and exercise skills in teamwork and communication. Meanwhile, they still have opportunities to participate in traditional summer camp fun!

The Summer Leadership Development Program is a great opportunity for young people to grow in confidence, build lifelong friendships, and develop their leadership potential in settings that extend far beyond the camp realm.

Leaders in Training

For campers entering Grade 9. A wonderful first step for the older camper seeking a more in-depth and meaningful camp experience, the Leaders in Training program helps our campers discover what it takes to be a leader and develop meaningful relationships with peers while still enjoying a group experience.

Counselors in Training – Year One

For campers entering Grade 10. During the first year of our Counselor in Training program, individuals will put into practice learned leadership skills and begin to facilitate activities with groups of campers under staff supervision. The CITs will work on their planning, leadership, public speaking, communication, and collaborative skills by working together on a series of projects and special events.

Counselors in Training – Year Two

For campers entering Grade 11. For campers entering Grade 11. The second year of the Counselor in Training program focuses specifically on career development qualities for what it takes to be a full-time, seasonal, camp staff employee. Through workshops and mentoring with seasoned camp staff, the CITs will refine their leadership skills, gain the experience they need to be successful camp staff and community leaders. Trainings will include an overview of First Aid/CPR, child protection, and group management of campers.