At the Attleboro Y, we believe that exercise and health education are important to people of all ages and abilities. We offer youth and adults a variety of opportunities for friendship and community, a sense of well-being, increased self-confidence and improved abilities and take into account the total-health of each person.

Types of Programs We Offer

Youth Health & Wellness

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Healthy Aging

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Adult Health & Wellness

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Chronic Disease Programs

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Personal Training Discounts (Summer/Fall)

Let’s Get Stronger Together!  Enjoy our special rate of 20% off, July 5 through August 31 , on our one-on-one personal training sessions. Whether your goal is to gain strength, increase endurance, to lose weight, or build power – we can help! Perhaps you want to improve your form or rehab from an injury? A personal trainer can help you maximize efficiencies and overcome plateaus.

4 Sessions
Non-Members $144  |  Members $112
8 Sessions
Non-Members $344  |  Members $212
12 Sessions
Non-Members $336  |  Members $304

Register for 30 Minute Sessions.

4 Sessions
Non-Members $240 |  Members $160
8 Sessions
Non-Members $448  |  Members $300
12 Sessions
Non-Members $660  |  Members $440

Register for 60 Minute Sessions.

For additional details or questions, contact Cam Palardis, Health & Wellness Director by calling (508) 409-0773 or emailing

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Free Range Summer

Summer is the perfect time to try new workouts and new routines when all you want to do is take a vacation. Whatever you do, be certain not to take a vacation from your health and fitness. Afterall, this is your summer – your workout! Why not try one of our Free Range Summer workouts?

Download our Free Range Summer flyer.

Self-Paced Triathalon

TRI expanding your fitness comfort zone with the Attleboro Norton YMCA’s Self-Paced Triathalon. Triathalons work your entire body and have numerous health benefits. They aren’t easy, but easy won’t give you bragging rights with family, friends and co-workers. You can take pride in having conquered such a demanding, non-stop race.

Triathalons are often referred to as the world’s most inclusive sport for participants of all levels and ages. We agree and welcome anyone who loves a challenge to get involved in our Free Range Summer Self-Paced Triathalon – including beginners!l There’s no better time than now to push yourself to achieve new endurance and stamina levels. TRI and achieve with us!

Cost:  Members, $10 / Non-Members, $15
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Download Triathalon Tracking Sheets


We challenge you to step oup your game and join us this summer in our “Free Range Summer” Step Challenge! Can do you do a 5k worth of steps a day, or a marathon’s worth of steps in a month?

Start by registering to participate (it’s Free to Members and Non-Members alike) and then download our Free Range Summer Step Challenge Tracking Sheet. Set your daily/weekly goals. Set a goal to try to achieve the recommended daily steps per day (7,500), then simply track your own steps using your favorite app and log progress on our Tracking Sheet.

25 Attleboro Y Rewards Points awarded for completing the challenge & turning in Tracking Form
50 Attleboro Y Rewards Points awarded for hitting the average recommended daily steps
100 Attleboro Y Rewards Points awarded to our Top Stepper/Most Steps Achieved

Cost:  Free
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Download Step Challenge Tracking Sheet


Join us for a bit of healthy fun and camaraderie on our pop-up hikes this summer!
Free to Members and Non-Members.

Family Hike
Sponsored by Childwatch Program
Sun, July 10  |  11:00 AM
Camp Finberg, 295 West Main Street, Norton, MA

Just One More Hike
Sponsored by 90 Day Program
Sat, August 6,  |  11:00 AM
Capron Park Farmers Market, 201 County Street, Attleboro, MA


Cam Palardis, Director of Health & Wellness by emailing

Student/School Break Memberships

Break from school – not from fitness – with these opportunities at the Attleboro Norton YMCA.

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Summer Memberships

Dive in this summer with these opportunities for individuals and families for healthy living!

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