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Senior Leadership

Courtney Harrness  |  Chief Executive Officer
Email:  charrness@attleboroymca.org
Phone:  508-409-0763

Leigh Fontes  |  Chief Operating Officer
Email:  lfontes@attleboroymca.org
Phone:  508-409-0774

Paul Fournier  |  Chief Financial Officer
Email:  pfournier@attleboroymca.org
Phone:  508-409-0762

Scott LaFond  |  Vice President, Human Resources
Email:  slafond@attleboroymca.org
Phone:  508-409-0762

Downtown Branch
Main Number:  (508) 222-7422

Andrea Champagne  |  Downtown Branch, Executive Director
Email:  achampagne@attleboroymca.org
Phone:  508-409-0766

Cam Palardis  |  Wellness Director
Email:  cpalardis@attleboroymca.org
Phone:  508-409-0773

Lizzie Lefrancois  |  Member Experience Specialist
Email:  elefrancois@attleboroymca.org
Phone: 508-409-0776

Elise Reynolds  |  Childcare Director
Email:  ereynolds@attleboroymca.org
Phone:  (508) 409-0783

Shelly Provost  |  Assistant Childcare Director
Email:  sprovost@attleboroymca.org

James Bartelle  |  Teen Engagement Specialist
Email:  jbartelle@attleboroymca.org

Joe Winston  |  Aquatics Director
Email:  jwinston@attleboroymca.org
Phone:  508-409-0765

Meghan Hamilton  |  Director of Annual Giving & Stewardship
Email:  mhamilton@attleboroymca.org
Phone:  508-409-0755

Jeffrey LaValley  |  Director of Marketing & Communications
Email:  jlavalley@attleboroymca.org
Phone:  508-409-0752

Norton Outdoor Center/Camp Finberg
Main Number:  (508) 222-7292

Jen Maltese  |  Norton Outdoor Center, Executive Director
Email:  jmaltese@attleboroymca.org

Andrea Berardi   |  Senior Program Director
Email:  aberardi@attleboroymca.org

Vacant for Season  |  Director of Sports & Teens/Lower Camp Director

Vacant for Season   |  Camp Director

Vacant for Season   |  Upper & Specialty Camp Director

Vacant for Season  |  Leadership Development Director

Vacant for Season  |   Garden & Nature Specialist

Vacant for Season |   Camp Registrar

Pleasant Street Branch
Main Number:  (508) 226-7700

Elise Reynolds  |  Childcare Director*
Email:  ereynolds@attleboroymca.org
Phone:  (508) 409-0783
* Office located at Downtown Branch

Kathleen Coyle  |  Assistant Childcare Director
Email:  kcoyle@attleboroymca.org 

Sweet Community House/Active Older Adults

Cyndee Goodinson-Lindsey  |  Director of Sweet Community House/Active Older Adults*
Email:   cgoodinsonlindsey@attleboroymca.org
Phone:  (508) 409-0767
* Office located at Downtown Branch