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Since 1867, the Attleboro Y has been committed to filling community gaps, providing healthy options for all, and adapting to serve our community’s most pressing needs. In times of crisis, we hold fast to this commitment.

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Your support ensures that our Y remains here for good.

As the global pandemic and its financial impact reached our community, the Attleboro YMCA did not close all of our doors and simply wait this out.

Rather, we came together as an organization to pivot our focus and resources. Instead of being here for your workout and fitness needs, we shifted our focus to feeding our neighbors, providing rental assistance, and operating emergency childcare for essential workers. With some partners, the Attleboro Y led the Greater Attleboro Stronger Together Fund effort to support basic needs and support 26 area nonprofits serving emerging needs. We have offered our empty Pleasant Street building as a place for homeless individuals to shower. We have called to check on our senior members, sponsored zoom coffees, and provided online group exercise programs so that those who want to participate remotely can. We have done what we think our members would want us to do in service to the Attleboro and Norton communities.

With your support, our Y can continue to serve our community and provide meaningful experiences for generations to come. With your support, the Attleboro YMCA is here for you, here for our community, HERE FOR GOOD.

Please donate online today. To make a major gift, please contact CEO Robin McDonald at (508) 409-0763.