Emerging as the most recent winner of our Shape Up Weight Loss Program, Stacy says that her success with the program “can be attributed mainly to 3 things – making ME a priority, accountability and the group support.”

As part of the Attleboro Y’s 150th anniversary year, we plan to celebrate a different era of our Y’s history each month. Throughout April, we’re focusing specifically on the Y’s initial years as an organization founded by 11 men that quickly grew to influence a generation of young men. In October of 1867, a group of […]

Kate wanted something to give her a jolt, and to kick start some real change in her lifestyle. She has always been an active person, swimming, aerobics, running, but she needed something more. Something that would truly spark change. What also appealed to her was being accountable for her actions, and having people that truly cared and wanted her to succeed.

Holly Delano dreams of cycling. The wheels of a bike turn in her head all day and night – it’s surprising she isn’t dizzy all the time. The idea of a hardcore group cycle class that leaves you lathered in a thick layer of sweat, aches and burns is what puts a smile on her face. […]

Renee Maxwell became a member of the Y in 1993. Just a mere year later, she became a full-fledged employee and started her journey as a group fitness instructor. Being a Zumba teacher, Renee loves to shake her hips and get moving to the beat of a song. On the flip side, her other love is soft […]

Lisa Hooker has been instructing group fitness classes for 13 years, and coincidentally, all 13 of those have been at the Attleboro Y – her home away from home. She does it all – interval traning, strength, balance, flexibility and more. Making you sweat is her main goal, but you’ll be sure to with a smile on your […]

“Thanks to the Y, my family has a great balance between what is healthy for each of us as individuals and together as a family. I don’t care how far I have to drive, this is my YMCA.”

“I come to the Y to stay connected to a family of friends who, like my parents and siblings, support me in my endeavors and encourage me to reach for the stars.”