The Y’s Small Group Training Program empowers you to improve your strength and fitness with specially designed training sessions to meet your needs and challenge you at the right intensity. By working in a small group setting over the course of a multiple-week training session, you’ll benefit from specified training while gaining support from others in your group with similar wellness goals.

Small Group Trainings

Jump Start Bootcamp

Jump into our 6-week Bootcamp, consisting of Strength Training and Cardio using full body movements to get you sweating and have your muscles burning!

537 Pleasant Street, Attleboro, MA
$90 Per Person, Y Members
$150 Per Person, Non-Members
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Family Yoga

Learn yoga thru games, songs and stories. Stretch, breathe and move together with your family. You don’t have to be able to touch your toes, just have a willingness to try! Ages 5 and up – all levels and abilities welcome. There will be no class on 4/18 due to school vacation, the week will be pushed back. (The price reflected is per person).

TUE  APR 4-MAY 30  5:15-6:00pm
Downtown Branch—Mind Body Studio

Y Member:  $60/Person
Non-Members:  $80/Person
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Full Body Workout with Lisa

This small group training class is split into two segments that will give you a full body workout. On Monday’s Lisa will take you through a strength workout designed to hit all the major muscle groups of the body. On Thursday’s you will switch gears and focus on more functional and cardio training. The ultimate well-rounded workout!

MON & THU  7:45-8:45am
Downtown Branch—Carpenter Gym

Y Member:  8 Sessions – $120 | 16 Sessions – $175
Non-Members:  8 Sessions:  $180 | 16 Sessions: $260
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Push/Pull with Lisa

A total body training approach with Mondays focusing on “push” movements, and Wednesday focusing on “pull” movements. You can expect to see improvements in strength, mobility, and conditioning from this balanced approach to training!

MON & WED  6:30-7:30pm
Downtown Branch—Carpenter Gym

Y Member:  8 Sessions – $120 | 16 Sessions – $175
Non-Members:  8 Sessions:  $180 | 16 Sessions: $260
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Core Recovery

The Core Recovery Small Group training is an 8 week session that focuses on reinforcing the foundational strength, stability, and function of the deep core muscles through education and exercise. This group is designed for women who would like to regain some core function that was lost due to any variety of interruption in exercise: post-partum recovery (whether 6 months or 6 years +), surgery, injury, incontinence, lower back discomfort, working from home, etc.
The majority of the exercises are done on the floor/mat, and each week builds on the week before. If you are within 3 months recovered from injury/surgery/post-partum please obtain a doctor’s clearance before signing up.

MAR 10-APR 28
FRI  10:30-11:30am
Downtown Branch—Carpenter Gym

Y Member: $120 / Non-Member: $180
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Synergy Small Group with Nicole

This HIIT- style class primarily uses circuit strength training to work your entire body, while simultaneously working on your conditioning. Get ready to sweat!

WED  APR 19-JUN 7 | JUN 21-AUG 9   7:30-8:30am
Downtown Branch—Carpenter Gym

Y Member: $120 / Non-Member: $180
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Teen Boxing with Cam

Calling all teens! Come join Health & Wellness Director, Cam Palardis in this high energy and engaging boxing class. This is a progressive 8 week class that will teach you the basics of boxing, mitt work, self control, and overall conditioning. This class is for all levels, and a great alternative for a HIIT workout. Come with your friends, and make new ones!

Downtown Branch—Kickboxing Studio

Cost/8-Week Session
Y Member: $70 / Non-Member: $85

Cost/Weekly Drop-In
Y Member:  $10/Week; Non-Member:  $12/Week
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Strength & Conditioning with Devan

Devan is back with his Strength and Conditioning class! This program is a progressive class that will push you to become the best that you can be! Using functional movements, Devan will make you stronger, faster, and that much more confident in yourself. Devan is a Firefighter and has a rotating schedule. He will let you know well in advance what days of the week his classes will take place.

* Classes will be from 5am-6am, and 6am-7am on the days Devan specifies in the Carpenter Gym.*
APR 10-JUN 1
JUN 5-JUL 28
JUL 31-SEP 22
Downtown Branch—Carpenter Gym
Y Member: $175 / Non-Member: $260
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