Life changing fitness and mobility program designed for people with neurological challenges.

Under the guidance of Certified Personal Trainers, this program aims to empower individuals coping with neurological conditions. Its goal is to enhance physical function, slow symptom progression, and enhance overall quality of life.

Our empowering Neuro Wellness Exercise Program can help participants:

  • Move about with ease and confidence in a crowd
  • Get out of bed or rise from a chair independently
  • Improve handwriting
  • Dress independently
  • Diminish worry that stiffness, slow steps and other symptoms are obvious
  • Regain a sense of moving with normality.

Neurological Disorder Support Group

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Neuro Group Exercise Schedule:






Class Descriptions

Boxing and Conditioning:
This class combines elements of boxing technique with targeted conditioning exercises. Participants in this class can expect to see improvements in hand-eye coordination, balance, and endurance over time.

Utilizing stationary bikes with adjustable resistance levels to allow participants to cycle comfortably while seated. Seated cycling reduces the risk of falls and minimizes stress on joints, making it suitable for individuals with mobility issues or balance impairments.

Strength and Mobility: This class is designed to improve overall physical fitness and cognitive function while also enhancing mobility and freedom of movement while blending different types of exercise , such as resistance training, cardiovascular exercises, agility drills, and cognitive challenges.

Chair Yoga:
This class helps Strengthen the mind-body relationship, improve balance, create strength and stability, loosen tight muscles, reduce anxiety and depression, and create fluidity of movement all while seated in a chair.