Surrounded by 80 acres of fields and woodlands, Finberg campers enjoy their summers exploring, playing, creating, swimming, and making lifelong memories in the great outdoors. Led by a staff team of caring and active role models, the campers participate in a wide range of activities, including archery, swimming, arts and crafts, nature, team-building, ropes course challenges, sports, hiking, and so much more!

Thank you to all of our 2020 camp families!

We’d like to send out a very special thank you to all of our 2020 camp families. We know that it was a highly unusual summer, but the campers made every day amazing! Thank you for being a part of our very special camp family!

Location: Norton Outdoor Center
295 West Main Street, Norton

508-222-7292 (June-August)
508-222-7422 (September-May)

Bitty Camp

Entering Grades K-1 

Even though this may be your child’s first camp experience, it will be action-packed and filled with fun activities to keep them moving and learning. These campers receive more individual attention in smaller ratio groups to help build relationships in every possible moment.

  • Group ratio of 1 counselor to 5 campers
  • Focus on building social and emotional skills through teambuilding, low ropes challenge course, and theme week activities
  • Arts activities 5 days a week with nature as a backdrop
  • Swim lessons, free swim, and splash pad time 5 days a week to build strong beginning swimming skills
  • A relaxation time after lunch every day to re-energize for afternoon activities
  • Active group games and activities every day to develop and strengthen gross motor skills
  • Team games to build the foundations of sportsmanship


Entering grades 2-3

For our campers who are ready for a more customized camp experience, we introduce opportunities to experience outdoor adventures through archery and the high ropes challenge course. This age group focuses on creating a sense of belonging through building camp friendships.

  • Group ratio of 1 counselor to 10 campers
  • Archery, Arts, team and individual sports, and trailblazing
  • New group initiatives on the high ropes challenge course
  • Swim lessons and free swim every day to strengthen swimming skills
  • Theme week activity blocks every day to make each day feel new and special


Entering grades 4-5

For our campers who are ready to personalize their camp experience, we introduce decision making as campers within this age group have an opportunity to choose their preferred specialty areas – archery, arts, team building, and the ropes challenge course.

  • Group ratios of 1 counselor and 10 campers
  • Focus on creating personalized experiences for campers and building social skills through various team games and challenges
  • Campers participate in swim lessons and free swim every day to advance their swimming skills in different strokes
  • Theme activities every day to enhance the experience of creating camp traditions


Entering grades 6-7

To help our older campers build on their expertise and talents in specific areas, Trailblazers have opportunities to specialize and choose their favorite specialty areas, including archery, arts, team building, and the ropes course. This age group focuses on developing self-responsibility, disconnecting from social pressures, and building camp connections.

  • Ratio of 1 counselor and 10 campers.
  • Opportunities to choose which specialty areas they will attend to create a personalized camp experience.
  • Campers participate in swim lessons, free swim, and aquatic challenges every day to strengthen their swimming skills
  • Participate in theme week activity blocks every day to make each day at camp exciting

Big Cats

Entering grades 8-9

While our summers still focus on fun, the Big Cats program encourages our oldest campers to take on a leadership role and to serve as role models for our younger campers throughout the summer. Big Cats work on a series of project-based activities to make a positive impact on our Camp Finberg community.

  • Ratio of 1 Counselor and 15 campers
  • Campers will choose the activities for their specialty blocks twice every day to allow focus on their personal interests
  • Group projects for the camp community grow emerging leadership skills
  • Aquatic challenges and stroke enhancement several times a week
  • Theme activities each day make every week thrilling