As part of the Y’s cause for youth development, our summer camps provide a welcoming, encouraging environment for kids to embark on new adventures – forging new friendships, discovering new talents and achievements, and opening their eyes to new possibilities for the future.

2020 Camp Season

The Attleboro YMCA invites all campers to join us at Camp Finberg.

Due to COVID-19, the Attleboro YMCA plans to consolidate our summer camp programs this summer. We will offer one combined camp program at our Camp Finberg location. To best serve each family, we’re allowing campers to register for 2 to 5 days per week. To learn more about our offerings and to register, click here.


It’s amazing what new discoveries you make when you look up from your screen and look at the world around you! Camp summers offer kids a chance to unplug – but not just from technology. Camp also gives kids a mental and emotional break from school and other pressures they might experience outside of camp.


At camp, we rarely stand still for a reason. We want kids to explore it all! Whether it’s hiking through the trails, venturing to new heights on the ropes course, or exploring a new skill on the balance beam, we know that trying something new and succeeding boosts our kids’ confidence and helps them look forward to new challenges.


Now more than ever, it’s critical for our camps to help kids develop positive and engaging relationships. Through values-based lessons and collaborative activities, campers learn to work together and to overcome challenges in proactive, constructive ways. To support our campers’ emotional well-being, our staff work intentionally to help kids connect to each other and to our camp community.