The Y’s Personal Trainers are certified professionals with the education and experience to provide you with a customized fitness plan that fits your needs, budget, and schedule.

Personal Training is ideal for beginners who may be intimidated by a new routine, an experienced person who is not getting the results you’re looking for, someone recovering from injury, or someone who is training for a specific sport or event.

Our Personal Training provides constant challenges, evolves with your fitness level, and produces the results you deserve!

Single Sessions

60-Minute Session  $65 per session
30-Minute Session  $35 per session

Training Plans

Once-a-Week Training
$220 per month ($55 per session)

Twice-a-Week Training
$400 per month ($50 per session)

Buddy Training – Weekly
$140 per month/person ($35 per session)

Health Aging Plans (ages 65 and older)
Weekly 30-min sessions: $100 per month
Weekly 60-min sessions: $188 per month

Invest in your health today!

Register online or call 508-222-7422.