We’re here for you! Please contact us with questions and let us know how we can best serve you and your family.

Downtown Branch: (508) 222-7422

Pleasant Street Branch: (508) 226-7700

Association Office

Robin McDonald – CEO

Email: rmcdonald@attleboroymca.org

Phone: 508-409-0763

Natalie Norton – COO

Email: nnorton@attleboroymca.org

Phone: 508-409-0765


Cyndee Goodinson-Lindsey – Assoc. Executive & Membership Director

Email: cgoodinsonlindsey@attleboroymca.org

Phone: 508-409-0767

Lynn McHugh – Pleasant Street Branch Welcome Center Coordinator

Email: lmchugh@attleboroymca.org

Phone: 508-226-7700

Child Care

Phone: 508-222-7422

Carol Mahoney – Senior Child Care Director

Email: cmahoney@attleboroymca.org

Phone: 508-409-0774

Caitlin Marshall – School’s Out Coordinator, Asst. Director of Camp Finberg

Email: cmarshall@attleboroymca.org

Phone: 508-409-0769


Leigh Fontes – VP of Program Operations and Development

Email: lfontes@attleboroymca.org

Phone: 508-409-0758

Kelly Mahoney – Aquatics Director

Email: kmahoney@attleboroymca.org

Phone: 508-409-0768

Ryan Yucka – Assistant Aquatics Director

Email: ryucka@attleboroymca.org

Peepers Flanagan – Camp & Program Registrar

Email: pflanagan@attleboroymca.org

Phone: 508-409-0753

Amanda Cyr – Gymnastics Director

Email: acyr@attleboroymca.org

Phone: 508-409-0735

Jaiden Dumont – Dance Coordinator

Email: jdumont@attleboroymca.org

Kim Burt – Child Watch Coordinator at the Pleasant Street Branch

Email: kburt@attleboroymca.org

Phone: 508-409-0740

Brian Gannon – Teen Director & Camp Pleasant Director

Email: briangannon@attleboroymca.org

Phone: 508-409-0734

Health & Wellness

Ryan Ohnemus – Health & Wellness Director

Email: rohnemus@attleboroymca.org

Phone: 508-409-0773

Cortney Wall – Senior Wellness Specialist

Email: cwall@attleboroymca.org

Phone: 508-409-0752

Lisa Hooker – Healthy Lifestyles Specialist

Email: lhooker@attleboroymca.org

Phone: 508-409-0752

Nicole Szeliga – Wellness Specialist at the Pleasant Street Branch

Email: nszeliga@attleboroymca.org