As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and is creating uncertainty about the upcoming school year, the Attleboro YMCA has been working in partnership with local school districts to develop supplemental learning programs that align with the schools’ education plans while also supporting out-of-school time and child care needs for families.

As a result, the Attleboro YMCA will dedicate our Pleasant Street Branch to serve the community as a Scholastic Support Center for students in grades K-6 when schools resume in September.

This program is intended as an educational and child care solution for children to attend on their non-school, remote-learning days.

Schedules & Plans for Fall

Program Start Date: Monday, September 21

Program Duration: Program will continue through the school year as long as it’s needed.

Location: Pleasant Street Branch

Fees: $60 per day
Students must sign up for a consistent weekly schedule of 2 or 3 days per week. Your weekly fee will be paid by automatic draft to your credit card or bank account on the Friday prior to each week.

Registration: Registration is now open! $50 non-refundable registration fee due at registration. > Register today.

All students must be an Attleboro YMCA member. Not a member yet? > Join the Y today.

With the announcement that most local schools will be adopting a hybrid schedule in September, the Y’s Scholastic Support Center’s programming will complement those schedules. We know that most families do not know what their students’ schedules will be yet. At this point, you will register your child for the program with a $50 non-refundable registration fee. Once you notify us of your child’s finalized schedule, we will assign your child to a pod of students (maximum of 10 children per pod) with similar schedules and grade level.

In the event that the schools must change their schooling model as the year progresses, we will adapt our program to fit the updated school plan.

About the Program

The Scholastic Support Center is a place where students can go to complete their online and at-home coursework, while also participating in fun activities in a safe, supportive environment. Our Centers will offer a full day of programming from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, five days per week. However, your child’s schedule may vary depending on your child’s school schedule and your family’s needs.

Each center is staffed by YMCA Program Directors, counselors, and education specialists who are trained to assist your child with their remote learning and schoolwork.

Our spaces are designed to comply with state and local guidelines for safety and social distancing. Students will be grouped in small, consistent pods of students with similar schedules and grade levels to minimize contact.

When online school/remote learning is completed, students will have time for homework or structured, age-appropriate academic enrichment activities, including:

  • Fitness and Nutrition
  • Swimming
  • Outdoor activities
  • Arts and Drama
  • STEM

Wi-Fi is provided at every location to support video chats, streaming media and other online school demands. Each student should bring a device, headphones and appropriate school supplies. Please make sure your student knows how to log in to their school’s website and learning platforms and how to operate their devices and software.


For more information, please contact Meghan Hamilton at or (508) 409-0755.