img_4005Renee Maxwell became a member of the Y in 1993. Just a mere year later, she became a full-fledged employee and started her journey as a group fitness instructor. Being a Zumba teacher, Renee loves to shake her hips and get moving to the beat of a song. On the flip side, her other love is soft and serene yoga. She teaches several different types of yoga, including Chair Yoga, Y Yoga, and Kids Yoga. She also enjoyed teaching step classes, but had to cut back due to a knee injury. Her love of step is a big reason why Renee decided to instruct the new Active Together class coming to the Attleboro Y.

Why did you want to learn and teach Active Together?

Renee: It’s 20 minutes of Step, which I love, 20 minutes of strength training, and then 20 minutes of balance and flexibility. I just think it is very well rounded. I also like how the exercises are very functional. You can carry them over into real life. It’s very adaptable to all fitness levels.

What is your favorite new move?

Renee: The crouch with dumbbells and rotations. I also like in the balance section when you stand on one foot and hop from one side to another and lift things off the chair.

What is your favorite new song?

Renee: I knew almost every song that played, except one, “Watch Out Fi This” by Major Lazer, which is reggae, I believe. I liked it a lot, and I had a hard time controlling my hips, even if it was in the arm section.

What was the most sore body part after the class?

Renee: My glutes! They are still sore.

How does it feel to have everything in one class?

Renee: Love it! Love it! Love it!

Want to learn more about Active Together and the other new group ex classes coming to the Y?

Join us at the Group Ex Launch & Y Open House on Saturday, October 29th!