hollyHolly Delano dreams of cycling. The wheels of a bike turn in her head all day and night – it’s surprising she isn’t dizzy all the time. The idea of a hardcore group cycle class that leaves you lathered in a thick layer of sweat, aches and burns is what puts a smile on her face. If you haven’t got it yet, she loves her group cycle classes. But with the introduction of the new class Active Together, Holly is changing gears and preparing for something that will get her off the bike and on her feet.

What made you want to teach Active Together?

Holly: I wanted to add a discipline that incorporated some strength training. It appealed to me because it wasn’t heavy duty lifting, but more functional movements. I said if I want to do more weight bearing exercises in general, why not teach it, and the class is wonderful.

What is your favorite new move?

Holly: Step was fun to do but, but hard to learn since i’m used to the bike. I also love the weight training moves, especially the ones when you go down and up with the weights in front of you.

What is your favorite section?

Holly: Track eight. You are in a crouch position and lifting a weight up in two level increments. It’s all functional movements. I have knee problems so it’s really good because I can do fit moves without ruining anything.

What body part(s) were the most sore after the class?

Holly: Back of my thighs and glutes!

How does it feel to have everything in one class?

Holly: It’s perfect. I want everybody to come and try it. A full class with happy faces would make me ecstatic, and for people to be open to it. Let me tell you,  I am one of those people who are not open to change, and I know a lot of people are like that, but this will be a good thing, and I hope people are willing to try it.

Want to learn more about Active Together and the other new group ex classes coming to the Y?

Join us at the Group Ex Launch & Y Open House on Saturday, October 29th!