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Ages:  16+

MON-THU  APR 17-20
*Must attend all four days.
SAT & SUN  MAY 6 & 7
SAT & SUN  MAY 13-14
*Must attend all four days.

$250, Y Members
$350, Non-Members

To Register
Register by FRI  APR 14 for April class.
Register Online.
Register by MON  MAY 1 for May class.
Register Online.

This course is desigend to provide participants the knowledge and skills necessary to be a [pool or waterfront] lifeguard and professional rescuer.

4 Certifications Achieved
• YMCA Lifeguard (valid 2 years)
• ASHI Basic Life Support (CPR-Pro) (valid 1 year)
• ASHI Basic First Aid (valid 2 years)
• ASHI Emergency Oxygen Provider (valid 2 years)

Water Skills Assessment (Swim Test)
To qualify for the class, you must be able to pass a water skills assessment on day one. It consists of the following:
• Tread water for 2 minutes
• Swim 100 yards front crawl
• Swim 50 yards front crawl with head up
• Swim 50 yards sidestroke
• Swim 50 yards breaststroke
• Swim 50 yards breaststroke with head up
• Swim 50 yards elementary backstroke kick with hands on chest
• Perform a feet first surface dive and swim along the bottom 15 feet
• Swim rapidly 60 feet, perform an arm-over-arm surface dive and pick up an object from the bottom; tread water for 1 minute, legs only, holding the object; dive down and return the object to the bottom; swim to the end of the pool, get out and perform 100 compressions on a CPR manikin

There is a rest break, between the 100-yard swim and the 50’s and another break between the 50’s and the last two.
The instructors is able to work with you after class to correct your stroke or endurance as needed and is happy to do a swim assessment prior to the class.In addition to the Water Skills Assessment, you will be expected to demonstrate competence in all of the rescue skills and pass a written test.

Online Pre-Work
There is a significant amount of online pre-work. Approximately 6 hours must be completed before the first meeting and an additional 2 1/2 hours must be completed across the remaining three days.

For More Information & Details Re: Online Pre-Work, please contact:

Joe Winston, Aquatics Director