Diabetes is a 24/7 disease and that means making important management decisions anytime, anywhere. If you have been diagnosed with type II diabetes or pre-diabetes, join our support group on Tuesdays at 3:00pm at the Sweet Community House.

Working with a diabetes care and education specialist or other healthcare professional is key, but so is connecting with others who have the disease. Together, we’ll identify strategies, share ideas, support each other through setbacks, and cheer each other through personal victories.

The program is facilitated by a by a certified nutritionist who has extensive experience working with chronic disease and diabetes prevention.

For more information, contact Cyndee Goodinson-Lindsey at (508) 409-0767 or cgoodinsonlindsey@attleboroymca.org.

Now underway! Join us at any time.

TUE 3:00 PM
Sweet Community House, 44 Peck Street, Attleboro

Open and free to all members of the community.
To sign up, you may register online or call (508) 222-7422.