While there is no fundraising requirement for Riders, each team has a fundraising goal of $1,800 – the equivalent of sending 10 kids to a week of camp. While $1, 800 sounds lofty, it quickly comes together when a team of 12 are reaching out to their friends and family. Every donation – no matter how great or how small – makes a difference!

How can Riders collect pledges? There are two primary ways to collect pledges for the Spin-a-Thon:

  1. Through your FirstGiving page. When you register to ride for the Spin-a-Thon through FirstGiving, the site prompts you to set up your supporter page. We encourage you to customize this page with your photo and your own story about why you’re supporting the Y. Then share that page via email and social media, so that your friends and family can make a pledge in support of your Y directly to your page. No need for any pledge forms or documentation!
  2. The old-fashioned way: Pledge Forms. If you or one of your supporters would prefer to make a donation via cash or check, no problem! Simply fill out the Spin-a-Thon Pledge Form. You can turn in your pledge form and donations at the Y’s Welcome Center at any time – or you can wait and turn everything in on the day of the Spin-a-Thon.

Fundraising Tips

The best advice we’ve heard about fundraising is to share your own Y story and to share it often. Let people know how the Y has impacted you personally – and tell them about which Y programs or services you hope to support. Your Firstgiving page makes it easy for you to share your story. If you need help setting up your page, please contact Meghan Hamilton at mhamilton@attleboroymca.org.