The Y’s Personal Training team is excited to introduce our new Small Group Training Program, which empowers you to improve your strength and fitness with specially designed training sessions to meet your needs and challenge you at the right intensity. By working in a small group setting, you’ll benefit from specified training while gaining support from others in your group with similar wellness goals.

Register for the level that fits you best. All three levels meet twice a week and are on-going and billed monthly. Progress to the next level whenever you and your trainers feel that you’re ready. For more information, contact Ryan Ohnemus at

Level 1 – This level of small group training focuses on basic strength, mobility, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. The emphasis is on daily living and functional wellness. > Learn more and register.

Level 2 – Level 2 focuses on improving work capacity. Each week, your first workout of the week will feature circuit training, while your second workout will focus on strength and mobility. > Learn more and register.

Level 3 – For experienced lifters who are looking to challenge themselves, Level 3 includes plyometrics, Olympic lifting, and power lifting into the workouts. This level also includes quarterly competitions. > Learn more and register.