Whether you’re a serious athlete, a group exercise devotee, or just beginning a wellness routine, the Attleboro YMCA applauds your commitment to healthy living. At the Y, we strive to help you achieve your personal Health and Wellness goals through our group exercise classes, personal fitness programs, recreational programs, and Wellness Centers.

Update about Classes & Programs:

Due to the current community health concerns and the mandated closing non-essential businesses, we will not offer any indoor classes or programs until we’re allowed to reopen. Get all of the details you need here. However, we are able to offer Outdoor Fitness and Outdoor Personal Training in addition to our Live Online Classes at this time.

Group Exercise Classes

Ages: 14+

The Attleboro Y’s group exercise program offers the highest quality classes for members of all interests and fitness levels. We offer a wide variety of class formats and styles of varying intensity to meet each member’s needs.

Due to the current health crisis, we are not currently offering any on-site classes. However, you can participate in online classes through Your Virtual YMCA.

Outdoor Fitness Classes

Ready to work out together? So are we! And now, there’s no reason to wait. The Attleboro YMCA’s fitness instructors are excited to offer outdoor fitness classes at the Pleasant Street Branch’s outdoor pavilion!

Reserve your space in class

Space is limited to 9 members per class, so you must register in advance. To reserve your Outdoor Fitness classes, please click here and select “Outdoor Fitness Classes” category. Reservations open 48 hours in advance. Please also be sure to sign the Member Code of Conduct before your next visit.

> Reserve your place

A few reminders:

  • Please wear a mask. (Masks are not required during the class, but all members and staff are expected to wear masks when they arrive until they’ve reached their measured, socially distanced place in the class lineup.)
  • Bring water with you.
  • Remember that the indoor facility is closed. No bathrooms or locker rooms will be available.
  • The Y will not provide any equipment for these classes. If you need any equipment (such as a yoga mat) for the class, you must bring your own.
  • Classes are free and open to active Attleboro YMCA Members only.
  • As the classes will be held under the pavilion, we plan to hold the classes rain or shine.
  • If you register for a class and then find you are unable to attend, please be sure to cancel your reservation as soon as possible, so we can offer your spot to someone else.
  • Due to the limited number of classes and spaces available, we will not allow any member to reserve spots in back-to-back classes. The Y staff will cancel one of your reservations if you enroll in back-to-back classes.



9:30 am      HIIT with Anna
6:30 pm     HIIT with Meg B


8:30 am    HIIT with Nicole
9:30 am    Stretch with Nicole
10:30 am     WERQ with Lisa H
5:30 pm      Zumba with Chelsee


9:30 am    HIIT with Anna
10:30 am   Pound with Jenna – Bring your own mat!
5:30 pm    WERQ with Kat


9:00 am    Zumba with Alyssa
10:30 am   Y Mat Pilates with Sharon
6:00 pm    HIIT with Anna


9:30 am     Stretch with Nicole
10:30 am    HIIT with Sharon


8:15 am   HIIT with Jenn No classes on the 4th of July
9:30 am   Yoga with Jenn No classes on the 4th of July


8:00 am   Pound with Alysha – BRING A MAT
9:00 am    Zumba with Alyssa
10:00 am   Water in Motion with Cyndee (at the Norton Outdoor Center pool!)
10:15 am   Balance and Flex with Melanie

Can’t make it to any of these classes?

Don’t worry! There are more outdoor classes still to come. We will update the schedule as more classes become available.

Prefer to workout at home?

No problem. We’ll continue to add a variety of live, online classes via attleboroymca.org/zoomfitness.

Live Fitness Classes via Zoom

Let’s stay healthy together!

We might not be able to be in the same room, but we can still connect, workout together, and support each other! The Attleboro YMCA offers a schedule of select live classes via Zoom. Through this class format, you’ll be able to get your workout in while connecting with your instructors and friends from the Y!


We are now using the Y’s class reservation program to manage our Zoom Fitness Classes.

  1. You can sign up for a Zoom Fitness Class 48 hours in advance. To sign up for a class, please click here and select “Group Exercise Classes on Zoom” category.
  2. You will then receive an email with the link to participate.
  3. Click the class’s zoom meeting link below when it’s time for your class.
  4. Be sure to include your first and last name in your screen name. Alternatively, you may message your full name to the “Attleboro YMCA” upon entering the class “waiting room.” For the security and comfort of all, we must verify your identity before allowing you into the class.

> Sign up for a class.


6:00 am          Cycle with Jeff (55 min) 

9:00 am          Balance & Flex Together with Sharon (55 min)

5:00 pm          Yoga with Lindsay (50 min)

6:30 pm          Yoga Flow with Diane (55 min)


6:00 am          Strength Train Together with Janice (45 min)

7:00 am          Balance and Flex with Lisa (55 min)

9:30 am          Stretch with Nicole (30 min)

11:00 am         Delay the Disease Chat 

5:00 pm          Cycle 30 with Holly (30 min)


6:00 am          Cycle with Chelley (45 min)

7:00 am          Active Together with Holly (40 min)

9:00 am          H.I.I.T. with Jenn (30 min)

11:00 am         Delay the Disease Workout  

12:00 pm        Active Together with Melanie (55 min)

6:30 pm          Yoga with Diane (55 min)


6:00 am          Strength Train Together with Janice (45 min)

7:00 am          Balance and Flex with Lisa (55 min)

10:30 am        Senior Coffee Chat with Cyndee 

12:00 pm        Core Express with Jenn (30 min)

6:00 pm         Balance and Flex with Melanie (60 min)


6:00 am          Cycle with Jeff (45 min)

10:45 am          Strength Train Together with Sharon (60 min)

12:00 pm        Family Workout with Anna (30 min)

5:00 pm          Yoga with Jenn (30 min)


8:30 am          Cycle with Holly (45 min)


7:30 am          Cycle with Chelley (45 min)

9:30 am          Strength Train with Katie (55 min)

Can’t make it to our scheduled classes or looking for another class?

We’ll continue to post pre-recorded classes via Your Virtual YMCA and Facebook! Go to attleboroymca.org/yourvirtualymca.

Wellness Coaching

Not sure where to begin? Get the most out of your Attleboro Y membership with our Wellness Coaching program – included with every membership. This program pairs you with a Wellness Specialist for complimentary sessions to identify your goals and develop an achievable plan for success.

Free for Attleboro Y Members

Personal Training


JUNE 2020 UPDATE: To help you stay motivated, the Y is able to resume Personal Training as an outdoors offering, so that we can maintain safe social distance while guiding you through your workouts! For more information or to register, please contact Ryan Ohnemus at rohnemus@attleboroymca.org.

The Y’s Personal Trainers are certified professionals with the education and experience to provide you with a customized fitness plan that fits your needs, budget, and schedule. Personal Training is ideal for beginners who may be intimidated by a new routine, an experienced person who is not getting the results you’re looking for, someone recovering from injury, or someone who is training for a specific sport or event.

Our Personal Training provides constant challenges, evolves with your fitness level, and produces the results you deserve!

Single Sessions

60-Minute Session
Y Members: $65 per session
Non-Members: $98 per session

Training Plans

Once-a-Week Training
Y Members: $220 per month ($55 per session)
Non-Members: $330 per month ($66 per session)

Twice-a-Week Training
Y Members: $400 per month ($50 per session)
Non-Members: $600 per month ($75 per session)

Three-Times-a-Week Training
Y Members: $560 per month ($47 per session)
Non-Members: $840 per month ($70 per session)

Buddy Training – Weekly
Y Members Only: $140 per month/person ($35 per session)

Health Aging Plans (ages 65 and older) for Senior Members
Weekly 30-min sessions: $100 per month
Weekly 60-min sessions: $188 per month