As part of our cause for healthy living, we’re excited to introduce our new Healthy Nutrition Program and Services to help you meet all of your wellness goals from the inside out. Whether you want to lose weight, eat healthier to fuel your activities, or reduce your risk of chronic disease, our Nutrition Director Joy […]

Designed for people who have diabetes, this 6-week program will help you better manage the disease. At each informational session, the Y’s trained Lifestyle Coaches will provide support, education, tools, and strategies for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, reducing the impact of diabetes on your life, and improving your overall well-being. Call 508-409-0767 for more information. […]

Designed by the Arthritis Foundation, this low-impact, joint-safe exercise program helps decrease arthritis pain, relieve stiffness and improve balance. Each program instructor has been certified by the Arthritis Foundation to be able to lead this program safely and effectively for members with arthritis. This program is offered twice a week on a session basis, so […]